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  • "This is really a great and essential service, having been through the process I really liked it. This gives you a level of where you sit within the scale of good health and poor health and gives a clear graphical representation. This then helps provide motivation and focus on things that need to change to improve your health and life in general. I'm now very focused on being more proactive about my health. Well done and definitely recommend"
    Darren Pratley
    General Manager
  • The MedScreen service is a no hassle way to get a check up done. To do this I had no doctor's appointments to fit into my busy schedule, that's the main hassle with doing these things. It was reassuring to know from the doctors assessment that I'm in good shape, I can now look up and understand the results of my cholesterol levels and also what my blood pressure means. Everything was explained in easy to understand terms. Having the App on my smartphone too means I can look up these results anytime and anywhere.
    Fred Soar
  • "Medscreen" is a simple and efficient service that works well with today's technology and lifestyles. It is a great way to help manage your own health before things go wrong. The reports are easy to read in terms that are understandable. Good to know that it has been produced by NZ doctors who understand NZ people and their needs. Great service and so accessible from any location in NZ.
    Brenda Evitt (CEO)
    College of Urgent Care Physicians
  • I found Med Screen the perfect solution for accurate health screening for those of us who find doctor's visits laborious and really just want the facts. The service was quick, efficient and informative. I now have the ideal way to benchmark key health measures and keep track of risk factors. I would recommend Med Screen as a great option for anyone who wants to take control of their health and wellbeing.